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United Kingdom and Horizon Europe Program

With €95.5 billion allocated for businesses, Horizon Europe is an ambitious program for research and innovation across European nations. The program intends to tackle the different issues affecting European countries and to boost the position of the entire region global.

Horizon Europe has been set to run for seven years, from 2021 to 2027.  Researchers from the region can apply for grants to fund their innovative ideas. Horizon Europe covers a diverse area – climate change, healthcare, social security, scientific innovations, industrial growth, job creation, boosting competitiveness and growth. The growth and competitiveness of the EU is what motivated development of the “Horizon Europe” fund and was designed to meet sustainable development goals of the region.

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UK’s Participation in The Horizon Europe

Although the UK is no longer a part of the European Union, it remains part of the Horizon Europe program. Therefore, researchers, scientists, innovators, and businesses will have access to this funding for their projects, innovations, and research as the UK is on equivalent terms to other EU countries. Different aspects of the UK-Horizon Europe were agreed on 24th December 2020 through the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the EU and the UK. This association will enter into force through the formal adoption of the already agreed on Protocol in principle after adopting the Horizon Europe Regulation.

Though the European Union is still in the process of formalising the United Kingdom’s, scientists, innovators, and business persons in the UK have full rights to participate in the first calls for proposals of Horizon Europe when they are published on the European Commission’s website. This also applies to calls already published prior to adopting the Horizon Europe Regulation, e.g., early COVID-19 calls. However, restrictions may occur but under duly justified exceptional cases. But these will be specified in the calls for proposals.

The Requirements for Horizon Europe Programme UK

A consortium-based structure is the fundamental requirement. Whether the partners are EU member states or associated with those countries, there must be three different nations involved.


The Horizon Europe Programme UK project recommends that each project has more than three of these partners. However, this requirement is based on individual topics. These consortium partners can come from a variety of different backgrounds. That can include test marketing, research and development, exploration and engineering.

Eligibility is dependent on three different aspects?

Research and Innovation Action (RIA)

Three legal entities need to be included here. All three of these need to be an established entity and a Horizon 2020 country or EU member state. What’s more, all three of these legal entities need to be independent from each other.

Innovation actions (IA)

Requirements here are the same. The three legal entities involved need to be from an EU state or Horizon 2020 associated country. They all need to be independent of each other.

Coordination and support actions (CSA)

All the requirements listed above are the same here except for the fact one legal entity is enough.

Remember that once your company receives one of these grants, the funding stays in place for the full duration of any project.  Under the Horizon Europe Innovation UK, these projects can run anywhere from 3 to 5 years. The exception is the EIC Accelerator Grant which stays in place for two years.

The funding can range anywhere from 2 to €15 million for each project and the disbursement will anywhere from 70% or 100% of each of the project’s budgets.

Strict Requirements

It’s important to remember that the requirements for Horizon Europe UK are strict. The invention or innovation needs to be a new technology or new process not currently available. Even significant modifications to existing processes and technologies are not acceptable.

EIC’s Pathfinder Program

UK entities can participate in the EIC’s Pathfinder Program on an equal footing as other EU Members and associated countries.  EIC Pathfinder projects are typically visionary scientists, entrepreneurial researchers and, research organisations, start-ups, high-tech SMEs and industrial stakeholders interested in technological research and innovation.

These projects typically involve consortia of researchers and other partners from at least three different countries, but there are also opportunities for individual teams and small consortia (two partners).

How SolutionXplus Can Help

SolutionXplus works with each of our clients in the UK. Our priority is to produce detailed applications that are extremely thorough and ready to be submitted. Our team is experienced and dedicated. Let us go through the process question by question with you so priority information gets included and highlighted.

Our Experience

Our process is the result of years of experience. You will get the benefit of multiple final edits and a package of 10 one-hour meetings that include helpful focused discussions. Our team is motivated to make sure you supply insightful answers that are seamless and meet all the necessary requirements for Horizon Europe Innovation UK.


Successful Horizon Europe UK grants depends on applications that adhere to thorough attention to detail. We can help you by looking after every aspect. We can proofread your answers before submitting your application well before the required deadline.

About Us

SolutionXplus matches up government contracts with innovative companies. Let us help you with your application for these contracts. We are committed to helping your business succeed as you strive to get to the next level. Our experienced teams are here to help you go through the submission process in its entirety.

Submission Process

We can help by going through each and every question in the submission process. Streamlining the entire procedure and focusing on winning one of these grants starts with determining your eligibility. Let us help you by going through the standard components and requirements.

Critical Tactics

Let us help you implement a variety of critical tactics that will boost your chances of success with Horizon Europe Programme UK grants. Our team has experience in modifying correcting and finalizing applications for these contracts. We can even help you with strategies concerning the best approaches to your product line. SolutionXplus is dedicated to working with each of our clients on their applications based on their individual eligibility.



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