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Worked with SolutionXplus for my Testing Stream application, from start to finish, and I couldn’t recommend them higher. Guy provided support throughout the whole application process, making sure that all information was accurate and to the point.

 – Mats Ljunggren, Boozang

FPrimeC Solutions

SolutionXplus worked with our team to ensure our Testing Stream application was answered with precise information and detail. Their valuable insight made us as confident as ever when submitting our application. I highly recommend working with the team at Solution Xplus to build your Testing Stream.

– Hamed Layssi, FPrimeC Solutions


We signed up for SolutionXplus service hoping to explore Testing Stream opportunities and get professional advice. Not only was the time both fun and challenging but Guy’s advice and direct feedback for improving our Testing Stream application was invaluable. Highly recommended!

  – Igor Kousmeiko, Ardeonova


SolutionXplus enabled us to prepare a high-quality Testing Stream application quickly and efficiently. Their knowledge of the program and application writing in general was imperative to our project.

 – Darren Gallop, Securicy


We found the entire SolutionXplus team to be highly professional, focused and accurate. They always answered our questions promptly. I would recommend Solution Xplus to anyone who wants a true partner when applying for the Testing Stream.

  – Hari Acharya, Zighra

IMI Global

Solution Xplus helped us in many ways to win the Testing Stream application. The team, with Guy’s five-star support, participates in the entire application filing up to the meetings with the test departments to ensure the relationship with all stakeholders goes smoothly. I highly recommend Guy and his team to help you on the Testing Stream process.

 – David Ker, IMI Global

We retained ‎Solution Xplus to advise and help with submitting our Testing Stream application. At the outset, Guy was able to organize a meeting with key personnel within the Testing Stream program. I would highly recommend Solution Xplus for advisory services.

 – Mo Salahuddin,


We recently worked with the SolutionXplus team on our Testing Stream application. They were sophisticated in their approach, strategic and thoughtful in helping us implement our solution for the proposal and on top of that – fun to work with! They were prompt to answer questions and went above and beyond to make sure our submission was completed on time, despite our busy schedules. We would highly recommend SolutionsXplus to others as the leading BCIP partner in Canada.

 – Giovanna Mingarelli, MC2

NightLight Consultants

The SolutionXplus team was instrumental in getting my Testing Stream application completed! The team walked me through the process, gave incredible feedback and were with me every step of the way. They were flexible and responsive to my schedule and needs and we were able to complete this project really quickly. This was a great experience and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

– Dr. Kari Sampsel, NightLight Consultants

Face4 Systems

We contracted SolutionXplus to assist us in preparing our application for the Testing Stream funding. Initially we were skeptical of the value they would bring to our experienced and successful proposal writing team. However, their value was soon very clear. They drove the process through a series of short, but productive calls, provided clear and direct feedback on our writing from the perspective of an evaluator and provided guidance as needed. I have recommended them to other companies and will continue to do so.

– Bob Bell, Face4 Systems

Security Perspectives

My team and I worked with SolutionsXplus to write our Testing Stream application from start to finish. Their expertise, valuable insight, and ability to interpret and explain the nuances of the application submission process saved us a great deal of time and stress. I would highly recommend SolutionXplus and their invaluable services.

– Scott Wright, Security Perspectives


Our successful Testing Stream application process would have been much more difficult without the expert guidance of SolutionXplus. I highly recommend Solution Xplus services.

– Robert Bolduc, NTEO


The Solution Xplus team is highly skilled, motivated and they will make sure multiple times your application is rock-solid before submitting it. Furthermore, if your idea is both innovative and reaches a wide market then searching for and convincing executives to join your team will be done very fast. They are well aware of the standards expected.

– Philippe Bouchard, Fornux

Revolution Back Belt

When it comes to applying for the Testing Stream program, Luc & Guy of Solution Xplus are the go-to team if you want the best chance at securing funding. They will tell you upfront if your product or service is a good fit for the program. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge and SolutionXplus delivers on both fronts.

– Joseph Lawrence, Revolution Back Belt

Embrace The Life VR

Working with SolutionXplus was very helpful, the team was very professional and diligently available. They put us on the right track in few days and provided coaching and support during a working session. This allowed us to be very productive and efficient to deliver a well-structured grant application before the deadline and with no stress.

– Naima Abbadi, Embrace The Life VR


I worked closely with the Solution Xplus team to build my Testing Stream application. Their insight, strategy and review process had me pressing the submit button with extremely high confidence in my application. I recommend Solution Xplus and their services to any company that wants to improve their overall chances of success with the Testing Stream program.

– Gwenaël Malbec, FreightPath

Virica Biotech

Solution X+ helped us navigate the complexities of the BCIP / ISC program transition for successful pre-approval. We would not have succeeded without them. It was a pleasure to work with Guy and the team!

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