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The Solution Xplus Team


David Ker

Co-Founder at ZINation

15+ Years as Senior Technology Executive in CTO, and CEO roles at technology platform firms. Co-Founder at ZINation (, Full-time CTO at (Employee Engagement Platform), and IMI Logistics (North America's Largest Installation Resource Company). He also has a Bachelor degree Engineering from ETS.

IT Executive with an entrepreneurial track record bringing 25+ years of valuable experience in Application Lifecycle Management. Successfully leading multi disciplinary teams with personnel of 20+ as well as startups and scale-ups. Expertise in Methodologies, Architecture, System integration, and Development (multi-platform polyglot) leading high profile, complex projects and transformations with multi-million dollar annualized revenue that were delivered on time and on budget. A passionate, results-driven, accountable, proactive, and resourceful leader.

Specializing in software platform design, development, and management with recent work in both AWS and Azure private clouds.


Laura Norwood

President,  KEBE CORP

Laura is the President of Kebe Corp., a consulting firm that uses an integrated approach to assist customers in addressing their corporate culture, retention, diversity, and corporate social responsibility gaps through easy-to-use and manage technology solutions. She leads a team of subject matter experts and, through design thinking, helps clients rapidly and effectively reach their end goal in creating connected, positive work environments.

Laura has helped design and launch numerous technology solutions that support both governments, not-for-profit and private sector organizations in achieving their business development goals.

Laura is also a cancer survivor and brings her unique view of life's gift to everything she does. Among her many achievements, Laura acts as a women's health advocate, prioritizing proactive health initiatives, implementing kindness in all of our interactions and taking steps to proactively improve mental and physical health.

Laura has a BA from the University of Ottawa as well as an Advanced Diploma from Algonquin College.


LeapUX focuses on being a leader in digital strategy & transformation by helping organizations understand their business, define their projects, and create better experiences for their customers.


Grey Matters Consulting is a full-service IT Solutions and Service provider based in Toronto, Ontario. We provide a range of products and solutions to help your business thrive and compete in a fast paced, technologically driven business environment.  With over 20 years of combined experience rebuilding and managing commercial network and phone system infrastructures, we are confident that we will be able to customize a solution that works for your business and your bottom line.

hub-brussels-logo, we believe that entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful tools to bring out the best in Brussels in terms of innovation, internationalisation and socio-economic impact. We work with entrepreneurs based in Brussels and elsewhere and with our partners to create a modern urban economy that lives up to its social and environmental values.


We are a multidisciplinary consulting firm that fosters collaboration, innovation and transformation within cross-functional teams and companies of all sizes.

We understand that the ‘new normal’ involves a hybrid workforce that includes both on-site and remote personnel. We create harmonious work environments through safe, open and welcoming spaces, both physical and virtual, where we facilitate dialogue and build trust.

Building Partnerships for Successful Business Opportunities


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