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France and Horizon Europe Program

Robust growth and development result in a better quality of life. However, that depends on funding.  European Commission has an ambitious funding program to boost the economy, jobs creation, and better the lives of its citizens.

Horizon Europe is a progressive program by the European Commission to address the societal ills. The idea behind Horizon Europe is research and innovation in industrial, digital, agricultural, energy and oceans. This programs funding totals €95.5 billion.

While European countries are among the world’s developed nations, there is still a need to provide better infrastructure and modernize human resource procedures. This relies on modern technology; thus, the need for innovativeness and research.

The European Union believes in advancing the entire region and collaborating with other areas to remain relevant. And this requires strategic planning.

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Horizon Europe Program

Horizon Europe is a planned, funded program to cover 2021-2027 at the cost of €95.5 billion. This seven-year program is a successor of the Horizon 2020 program and the earlier Framework Programmes covering Research and Technological Development.

The European Commission, through the horizon Europe raised spending on science by 50% for years 2021-2027. These substantial resource amounts are channeled towards solving the problems facing its member states. Wealthier EU members may be having fewer problems. Nonetheless, the pattern of the issues across the entire region is somewhat the same; thus, the need for improvement.

Human resources, infrastructure, industrial modernization, and inter-regional collaboration are some common issues. Indeed, the framework program pinpoints the EU’s determination to encourage cutting-edge innovation and research and stand up to the unrelenting international competition. Best of all, it’s an opportunity for each member state to attract the best talents.

New Elements for Funding in France

It’s clear; France offers a national support system for the Horizon Europe program. The network of National Contact Points scattered throughout France is a sure sign of the government’s commitment. These contact points promote Horizon Europe program by raising awareness among the research and innovation community.

The Horizon Europe in France program has some new elements of interest. The European Innovation Council supplies support for innovative products that have the potential to disrupt and breakthrough traditional markets. The program is also looking for innovations that might be considered too risky for the private sector and its investors.

In France a full 70% of the budget has been set aside for SMEs.

Recent pledges to make France a “start-up nation” fit seamlessly into the Horizon Europe focus. France has already earmarked 8.4 billion (€7 billion) to digital investments. This cash is second only to the money set aside for environmental initiatives.

The French tax system also makes the country a good fit for the Horizon Europe funding program. The government promotes R&D through a research tax credit. There are a good number of business accelerators and incubators in the country to supply start-ups with both guidance and advice. This network of experienced professionals also presents an excellent cooperation opportunity.

The Requirements for Horizon Europe Program in France

All the projects available under the Horizon Europe France program have several requirements. First is a consortium-based foundation structure. This consortium needs to have partners from three EU member states or associated countries.

The recommendation, however, is that each project has more than three different partners. This depends on the topic and needs to be assessed using that criteria. The consortium partners can be of various kinds including engineering, exploration and development.

Eligibility is dependent on three different aspects?

Research and Innovation Action (RIA)

Three legal entities need to be included here. All three of these need to be an established entity and a Horizon 2020 country or EU member state. What’s more, all three of these legal entities need to be independent from each other.

Innovation actions (IA)

Requirements here are the same. The three legal entities involved need to be from an EU state or Horizon 2020 associated country. They all need to be independent of each other.

Coordination and support actions (CSA)

All the requirements listed above are the same here except for the fact one legal entity is enough.

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